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Posted May 17th, 2011 by metro pump service

Diesel Pump Repair

Gasoline Pump Repair

Fuel Island Repair

Pump Filtration Systems

Hoses & Nozzles 

PMI Programs 

Diesel/Gas Pump Calibrations

  Tank Monitor Systems

Veeder-Root Certified

DEQ Compliance

Storage Tank Service

Inspection of entire fuel system

Underground containment manholes, fill and vapor caps and covers, overflow valves, products properly identified. Sump and interstitial sensors and piping. Pumps and dispensers, hoses, nozzles, breakaways, swivels. Proper filtering equipment. Tank monitors system. Fuel management system. Type and age of equipment. Above ground and UST tank systems. Individual concerns.

DEQ Compliance
Sensor testing, leak detection, calibration, signage, all fuel system compliant, properly filed documentation.

Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Metro Pump Service specializes in programs to help maintain equipment and for DEQ compliance.
Over the years we have saved our customers money on road calls, down time, and labor cost, by having the proper equipment and filtration installed and maintained with a Preventative Maintenance Inspection program.
Especially with the effects of todays low sulfur diesel and ethanol blended gasoline has on the equipment.
We currently have many satisfied Preventative Maintenance and Calibration customers, references upon request. 

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